Manufacturing Approvals

Dynamic Paint Solutions has many process approvals. Please view the list below of our current approvals. If an approval you are looking for is not on the list, then please contact us to see if we have recently added it or if we are in the process of obtaining it.

Approval List

Process SortedSorted By Process Sorted In Ascending OrderDescriptionManufacturing
Abrasive BlastingGeneralNASA
Adhesive Bond PrimerSS8603Silorsky
Adhesive Bond PrimerSS9309Silorsky
Aerospace Quality SystemQualityThe Boeing Company
Aerospace Quality SystemAC7004Nadcap
Aerospace Quality SystemAC7004Kaman
Aluminum Chromate Conversion CoatingMIL-C-5541, MIL-DTL-81706, AMS 2473, and AMS 2474G. E. Aviation
Anodize; Types I, IB, IC, II, IIBMIL-A-8625The Boeing Company
Anodize; Types; Type I, IB, IC, II, IIBMIL-A-8625Sikorsky
Bond Primer TestingSS8612Sikorsky
Boric Sulfuric AnodizeBAC 5632The Boeing Company
Boric Sulfuric AnodizeSS8483Sikorsky
Chemical ProcessingAC7108Nadcap
Chemical TestingN/A (809)The Boeing Company
Chromic Acid AnodizingMIL-A-8625 and AMS 2470GE Aviation
Chromic AnodizeBAC 5019The Boeing Company
Chromic AnodizeGAMPS 6201, MIL-A-8625Gulfstream Aerospace
Chromic AnodizeMIL-A-8625 (200A)Lockheed Martin
Chromic AnodizeSTP58-209 (200H)Lockheed Martin
Chromic AnodizeSS8483Sikorsky
Chromic AnodizeDPS 11.01 (-3)The Boeing Company
Cleaning of TitaniumDPS 9.29The Boeing Company
Composite Bonding PrimerBR127NASA
Conductivity TestingDPS 1.05-8The Boeing Company
Conversion CoatingBAC 5719The Boeing Company
Conversion CoatingDPS 9.45The Boeing Company
Conversion CoatingPS13209The Boeing Company
Conversion CoatingMIL-DTL-5541Gulfstream Aerospace
Conversion CoatingMIL-DTL-5541 (210)Lockheed Martin
Conversion CoatingSTP58-405 (210A)Lockheed Martin
Conversion CoatingC-0498 (210B)Lockheed Martin
Conversion CoatingMIL-DTL-5541NASA
Conversion CoatingBPS 4182Bell Helicopter
Conversion CoatingSS8486Sikorsky
Conversion CoatingMIL-DTL-5541Parker Aerospace
Conversion CoatingMIL-DTL-5541Sikorsky
Dry Film LubeDPS 3.177The Boeing Company
Dry Film LubesAs RequiredGulfstream Aerospace
Dry Film LubricantsMIL-PRF-46010GE Aviation
Fuel Tank CoatingMIL-C-27725/AMS -C-27725 (242A)Lockheed Martin
Fuel Tank CoatingSTP59-505 (242D)Lockheed Martin
Fuel Tank CoatingG639 (242E)Lockheed Martin
Fuel Tank CoatingDPS 4.50-127The Boeing Company
Hardness and Conductivity TestingNDTS-1500/1501 and 1500/1502 (160/161)Lockheed Martin
Hardness TestingDPS 1.05-2The Boeing Company
NonDestructive TestingAC7114Nadcap
PaintMIL-F-18264Parker Aerospace
PaintAs requiredGulfstream Aerospace
PaintMIL-F-18264 (240A)Lockheed Martin
PaintingAs RequiredThe Boeing Company
PassivationDPS 9.07The Boeing Company
PassivationGAMPS 4103, QQ-P-35Gulfstream Aerospace
PassivationAs RequiredLockheed Martin
PenetrantASTM E1417Parker Aerospace
PenetrantASTM E1417Gulfstream Aerospace
PenetrantASTM E1417/MIL-STD-6866 (110A)Lockheed Martin
PenetrantSTP53-201/LCP72-1068 (111A)Lockheed Martin
PenetrantC-0567 (111C)Lockheed Martin
PenetrantNDTS-1101 (110B)Lockheed Martin
PenetrantLMA-PC201 (113)Lockheed Martin
PenetrantBPS 4089Bell Helicopter
Penetrant InspectionPS21202The Boeing Company
Penetrant InspectionBAC 5423The Boeing Company
Penetrant InspectionBSS 7039The Boeing Company
Penetrant InspectionASTM E1417The Boeing Company
Penetrant InspectionRPS 18.16Goodrich
Penetrant InspectionSS8806Sikorsky
Penetrant InspectionDPS 4.707The Boeing Company
Phosphoric Acid AnodizeSS8482Sikorsky
Pre-Penetrant EtchC-0170 (616)Lockheed Martin
Pre-Penetrant EtchSTP57-301 (619)Lockheed Martin
Pre-Penetrant EtchSS8712Sikorsky
Pre-Penetrant EtchNDTS-1101 (110C1)Lockheed Martin
Pre-Penetrant EtchLMA-PG001 (148)Lockheed Martin
Pre-Penetrant EtchBPS 4138Bell Helicopter
Pre-Penetrant EtchPS 0170 (615)Lockheed Martin
ReferenceQCS-001Lockheed Martin
Salt Spray TestingASTM B177The Boeing Company
Solid Film LubeMIL-L-46010 (251)Lockheed Martin
Solid Film LubeSTP62-005 (252)Lockheed Martin
Solid Film LubeBPS 4310Bell Helicopter
Sulfuric Acid AnodizeDPS 11.05 (-1)(-2)The Boeing Company
Sulfuric Acid AnodizePS13201The Boeing Company
Sulfuric Acid AnodizeMIL-A-8625 (200B)Lockheed Martin
Sulfuric Acid AnodizeSTP58-208 (200L)Lockheed Martin
Sulfuric Acid AnodizeSS8483Sikorsky
Sulfuric Acid AnodizingMIL-A-8625, AMS 2471, and AMS 2472GE Aviation
Sulfuric AnodizeMIL-A-8625, AMS2471Gulfstream Aerospace
TestingASTM B117Parker Aerospace
TestingASTM B117Gulfstream Aerospace
Various CPS specificationsAs requiredCurtiss Wright